Joey Nganjmirra is a painter, storyteller, dancer and cultural ambassador living in Gunbalanya, a small Aboriginal township close to the East Alligator River in western Arnhem Land, approximately 300 kms east of Darwin.

Nearby is the rugged Arnhem Land escarpment area of deep plunging gorges, huge boulders and wide overhanging rock platforms – ‘Stone Country’. 

Joey is a Djalama, and his job is to carry the stories. During Sorry Business; Joey will perform in the Kunwinjku language– this is the funeral song. Across Australia Indigenous Australians have unique songs and dances that help the spirit transition from the world of the living, back to the spiritual plane with the the ancestors on country. They are called the Walakandha - ghost ancestors. The songman communicates with the Walakandha during the funeral rites – through singing, playing didjeridu, painting the body and dancing.